Coopersridge Saddle Pads


 Advanced Shim Technology

Poly-mem-gel Shims allow impact zones caused by saddle or rider to be absorbed evenly, removing pressure points and discomfort for both horse and rider.

Our shims are created with an exclusive combination of polyurethane foam, memory foam, and gel. This innovative blend of cushioning materials work together to:

  • Absorb shock
  • Disperse pressure points evenly
  • Reduce the build-up of trapped heat
  • Speed up spring back time for instant shim recovery
  • Prevent shim from losing shape
  • Provide more support and weight distribution without being thick and bulky


Front and Back Shims

Coopersridge products has also created front and back shims!

Produced with our poly-mem-gel, front and back shims can be used in combination with the Full Shim. Each front and back shim has a tapered edge to blend seamlessly into the full shim and prevent pressure points under the saddle.

Front and back shims can be used to:

  • Correct unbalanced saddles
  • modify fit poorly fitting saddles
  • Improve rider position
  • Increase freedom of movement
  • Provide necessary support to horses going through muscle development or weight loss/ gain
  • Front and back shims can be used in combination with the Full Shim.

Coopersridge half [pads and western saddle pads all have easy-open Velcro pockets to work with our Advanced Shim Technology. This allows you to insert and remove shims effortlessly.



For both our English and western pads, Coopersridge uses several exceptional materials to give the best performance and comfort to you and your horse.

Air Weave

Our Air Weave is what is known as a “3D spacer fabric”, an inventive material that is being widely used for the replacement of foam and neoprene products. It is made using two separate layers of fabric, which are joined by microfilament yarn, creating a highly permeable space between layers that allows amazing air circulation: 10 times that of regular knit fabrics! Air Weave also has cushioning properties. Used in everything from medical products to military body armour, this fabric is supremely durable and long lasting.



A luxurious and very traditional material used in saddle pads because of its unbeatable properties. Sheepskin has the natural capability to disperse pressure and resist compression. It helps to keep your horse cool and dry by wicking moisture away from the skin. When cared for properly, sheepskin has great longevity and durability. Coopersridge uses hand-picked hides from New Zealand.



Just like sheepskin, our shearling provides comfortable cushioning for your horses back, as well as keeping him cool.. Made from genuine wool, this fabric is very resilient and easy to care for.



A unique addition to our saddle pads is the Eco-Grip top layer. This keeps the pad in place under the saddle, with no twisting or shifting. This also removes the need for extra Velcro and straps.

Quilted Cotton


Cotton provides the best breathability and sweat wicking properties. Coopersridge only uses pre-shrunk 100% cotton to avoid pads becoming too small or misshapen


Coopersridge saddle ads are designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. All of our pads have the appropriate length required to prevent pressure points under that saddle. Pairing our half pads with any of our quilted pads will ensure the best luxury for your horse. We also have dressage, hunter/ jumper and western styles to accommodate different types of saddles.

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