Passier Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner*


Passier Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner is one of the most reliable brands available today, with an understanding of tack that only a true equine expert has. This luxurious leather conditioner comes in a tin tub of rich, thick dressing that both nourishes and protects your leather products in one easy step, keeping them in great condition thorough hours of tough riding.

Before applying Passier Lederbalsam, clean your saddle thoroughly to remove dust or grime. Use a soft brush to apply it evenly all over the saddle, and then let it soak into the leather to really work its magic. Passier Lederbalsam absorbs thoroughly and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue, so long as you wipe the saddle clean with a cotton cloth after it is fully absorbed.
This leather conditioner is made for leather tack pieces like saddles and bridles, but it also works on leather boots to help repel moisture and prevent dryness or cracking.

  • 500ml can